AKA Thailand was the first gym in Phuket to close down for social distancing

Social distancing wasn’t even a thing last week but today, it is a way of life. The Coronavirus has spread in a way that officials all over the globe are trying to nip it in the bud. The Thai government executed an order for all schools and gyms to be shut down until further notice and AKA Thailand made the tough decision to abide.

Unless Marshall Law is invoked, you can still keep your business open but it is wildly irresponsible. Mike Swick and AKA Thailand management made the choice to comply with the orders to close because simply put, it’s the right thing to do. Stopping the spread of this virus is paramount over anything else.

Despite how many people are affected by the closure and how much money is lost, being safe is always the correct way to go. In a way, the closing of AKA Thailand is a microcosm for who we are; A caring family who only wish the best for people. We are rated 5-stars on TripAdvisor.com for the fact that we value our guests and always try to do the right thing. During this time, it is no different.

We hope people understand that we are being compassionate for humanity and are just following the rules. Closing our doors isn’t for selfish reasons, rather it’s for all of the right ones. This too shall pass, as everything always does, and we look forward to AKA Thailand being back in full swing again. We have so many positive things to look forward to in the near future and we’ll be back, better than ever!