The AKA Thailand beach workout is great for a change of scenery

The scenery is amazing all over Phuket. At AKA Thailand, we pride ourselves on having a gym where people love to come and train. However, it’s nice to switch it up once in a while and get back to nature. Fortunately for our guests, we have the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts.

The beach workouts have grown to the point where if someone misses it, they are kicking themselves for the next week or so. The workouts have evolved from a very fight-based training session to a tailor-made cardio blast for our guests.

Our trainers actually take the workouts down to the beach and format it so guests can work out in the elements. Hitting pads in the sand or running in the water, coaches make sure to utilize the beautiful surroundings of nature and incorporate them into the workouts.