Get to know your AKA Thailand staff. We start at the top with Mike Swick

When getting to know the staff at AKA Thailand, it’s imperative that we begin by taking a look all the way at the top. The founder, creator, and head of everything is none other than top UFC veteran, Mike Swick. As amazing of a fighter that Swick was, he always felt that there was something else out there that he was meant to do. His concept of a supergym started on a piece of paper years ago. Fast forward to today and Swick is the CEO of this luxury fight haven that is rated 5-stars across the board on TripAdvisor.com.

While title aspirations in the UFC were always Swick’s goal, being a business owner was definitely on his radar. During his career he started a successful printing company in San Jose, but he knew that he wanted to be a part of something bigger. With American Kickboxing Academy founder, Javier Mendez, AKA Thailand was created and Swick has never looked back.

Mike is no slouch of an owner, either. He doesn’t sit on a throne and count cash while eating ice cream and getting fat. Swick is out there training with guests and implementing his experience into their workouts. At 40 years old, Swick is the biggest and most shredded that he’s ever been and he got that way while while running a successful business.

Aside from the normal day-to-day stuff that he does behind the scenes, Mike is actually out on the floor every day. He greets guests, walks the grounds to make sure that everything is up to par, and basically makes himself present for anyone who needs him. Staff look to Mike to lead and guests get training tips from him all the time. He’s essentially a Renaissance man living in Thailand. Mike Swick wears many hats at the gym and all of them fit him very well.

Image: Esquire.com