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AKA Thailand

AKA Thailand is AKA’s first global gym. Owned by original AKA team member Mike “Quick” Swick, Internet magnate Blair Speers, and AKA founder, Javier Mendez, AKA Thailand is continuing to build, train and promote another formidable team of fighters in Asia and expand on the success they have already achieved internationally. AKA Thailand is a global super gym that not only caters to fighters, athletes and training enthusiasts, but also to the “average Joe” looking to lose weight, get fit, or make a lifestyle change while training alongside a diverse and motivated group of students.

Mike and our hospitable staff at AKA Thailand are dedicated to providing you with more than just top tier training alongside well-known fighters and athletes; we are heavily focused on providing the best experience to all students and guests right from the booking process until the conclusion of their trip. A gym that was built like a family and holds true to it’s values is one you can count on to ensure that your time here will be unforgettable.

Mike Swick & Javier Mendez

This is just the beginning for AKA Thailand. Some of you reading this will one day be mentioned on the AKA History page of our website. You will come to train and be one of the few who are ready to sacrifice and work hard to obtain your goals. You will be the story we use to inspire others with future pictures, videos and website highlights. So the question is: how bad do you want it?

Contact us today and tell us about what you are aiming to achieve. Our friendly Inquiries & Reservations Hostess will be happy to answer any questions you have, assist with planning your trip, and ensure you feel confidant about your choice to train with AKA in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The American Kickboxing Academy was established by Javier Mendez in 1985. Just as Mendez was starting his pro career, he held training sessions at the Capital Glass Shop during after hours with a small contingency of students. Mendez later started training at the West Coast Institute Of Tae Kwon Do facility run by Strikeforce founder, Scott Coker.

Mendez officially opened the first San Jose AKA in 1995. In 1996, after Mendez helped him improve his kickboxing, Brian Johnston became the first fighter out of AKA to enter the UFC. Frank Shamrock then joined AKA in 1997 and would be under Mendez’s tutelage all they way through to his first retirement. Soon, AKA would see more and more interest from others who, through the attention of Shamrock, were interested in greatly improving their striking. This included BJ Penn, who would go on to win his first three fights by knockout; Bobby Southworth, Josh Thomson, Mike Swick, Paul Buentello, Jon Fitch and Mike Kyle.

In 2005, Mike Swick and Bobby Southworth were picked up for a new reality TV show from the UFC called The Ultimate Fighter, which brought major exposure to the sport of MMA and the AKA team. Through the partnership of manager and trainer of Team AKA, Crazy Bob Cook, and DeWayne Zinkin; a collegiate wrestler himself, AKA saw an influx of wrestlers joining the team, notably starting with Josh Koscheck. Eventually, the stable would grow to include Daniel Cormier and current UFC Champion, Cain Velasquez.

When long time MMA fan and former NFL star Herschel Walker decided to train full-time and become a pro MMA fighter, he went to AKA. After joining the team and attending every session, Herschel went on to win 2 consecutive pro MMA fights in the Strikeforce organization before retiring. Walker credits MMA as the world’s most difficult sport and AKA as the place to train should you choose to pursue a pro career.

Javier Mendez with Belt

In 2008 a second AKA facility was created in Sunnyvale, headed up by Bobby Southworth and Alex Khanbabian. Then in 2011, the new 27,000 square foot AKA Headquarters opened its doors, featuring weight training, a cardio facility, dedicated BJJ, MMA and Kickboxing areas, lap pool, racket ball and an onsite chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist. 2014 will bring the biggest and most ambitious project for AKA, as AKA Thailand opens its doors in Phuket, Thailand.

Currently Team AKA consists of: Josh Thomson, Jon Fitch, Cain Velasquez, Mike Swick, Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold, Mike Kyle, Gray Maynard, Phil Baroni, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Noad Lahat, Davin Clark, Ron Keslar, Gabriel Carrasco, Tyson Griffin, Trevor Prangley, Kyle Kingsbury, Paul Buentello, Bobby Southworth, Herschel Walker, Justin Wilcox, Nate Moore, Riki Fukuda, Todd Duffee, Rich Crunkilton, Germaine de Randamie, Marius Žaromskis, Travis Johnson, Derek Yen, and Billy Evangelista.

Fighters that have previously trained at AKA include: Frank Shamrock, BJ Penn, Fedor Emelianenko, Tito Ortiz, Fujita, Ogawa, Andrei Arlovski, Phil Davis, Kid Yamamoto, Tony DeSouza, Don Frye, Takanori Gomi, Mark Coleman, Dan Henderson, Brian Ebersole, Akihiro Gono, Anthony Johnson, Josh Koscheck, Bobby Lashley, Brock Larson, Cung Le, Lyoto Machida, Sean Sherk, George Sotiropoulos, Ronaldo Souza, Miesha Tate, and Brandon Vera.

First and foremost, AKA Thailand was created to give the perfect experience while training in Thailand. Our CEO and founder, Mike Swick, has been a fighter in the UFC since 2005 and has been training in Thailand since 2000. AKA Thailand is the creation of what he feels is an absolute dream gym. The perfect gym that he would of loved to train at in the many years he has travelled to the land of smiles. Whether you are an athlete, a trainer, a fitness enthusiast or just someone who wants to get in shape or lose a few pounds, AKA Thailand will give you the results you want, and an experience that you will never forget.

Located in a beautiful mountainous jungle environment, AKA Thailand has some of the best views of any gym in Thailand. While training Muay Thai in the rings or doing bag work, you will be completely at peace as you see and smell the serene lush jungle around you.

As far as the training, AKA Thailand offers many programs to give you the results you desire. We have recruited some of the best Muay Thai trainers from all over Thailand to train our guests. Many World Champions are eager and ready to make sure you are on top of your game. The MMA program is headed up by 14 time UFC veteran Mike “Quick” Swick. Mike has trained at the legendary AKA gym in San Jose for over a decade and has witnessed many young fighters walk through the doors with little to no MMA experience and then grow to become super stars and Champions. Mike brings that same successful curriculum to AKA Thailand to recruit and train fighters on a global scale. The AKA Thailand MMA and BJJ program is housed inside of one of Thailand’s largest matted training areas. Over 3000 square feet of mat space to ensure our guests have plenty of training room, no matter how big the classes are. Our 5,000 square foot MMA/BJJ facility is A/C cooled and equipped with top of the line Dollamur training mats, ensuring that we have one of the safest and most comfortable training rooms in Thailand. We also have another

Mike will be recruiting fighters full-time. If you train hard and have the potential, Mike and Javier will allow you on the team to represent AKA . While on the Team, you must continue to train hard and give us everything you have on a daily basis.

Good question and something you will need to learn! In order to obtain our quiet and beautiful location, we had to build slightly off the beaten path. Please check out our Location section to get versed on how to find us.

AKA Thailand has many programs and packages to choose from. Please check out our Pricing section.

Our experienced staff will help you take care of all your needs. Whether you need a moped or car we can get you situated with a rental. We also have a tourism specialist that can go over all the local sites and attractions with you. If you have questions or need assistance now, please use our contact page.

Yes you can, but only if you follow the fighter training schedule and diet. Many gyms around the world prematurely throw fighters into the ring when they are not prepared. If you are going to represent and fight for AKA , you have to train properly. When you train the right way, you will feel more confident and have better performances. Taking a fight too early can cause enormous consequences in your future fighting career.

AKA Thailand will also hold monthly, onsite, events in which you will be able to test your skills in a Muay Thai or MMA fight. These will be closer to a sparring session, rather than a pro fight, but will surely give you experience and confidence in your abilities.

We have partnered with many local hotels, resorts and bungalows to ensure that our guests have a close, safe and clean place to stay. You can see our Travel Package.

We are also in the process of building onsite accommodations that will create a community right on the property. When construction is completed, you will be able to live, eat and train all inside of AKA Thailand’s 3 acre facility.

We are actually both! AKA Thailand is AKA’s global home in Asia. Some of you may have heard of AKA before but if not, maybe you have heard of Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold, Josh Thomson, Jon Fitch, Mike Swick, Kyle Kingsbury, Mike Kyle, Trevor Prangley and Paul Buentello among many others. These guys all made their names while training at AKA. Other top MMA fighters have moved to AKA to improve on an already impressive career and skill set. Some of these guys are BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock, Gray Maynard, Phil Baroni, Marius Zaromski’s, Tyson Griffin, Todd Duffe, Riki Fukuda and even Football star and Olympian Herschell Walker. Herschell trained at AKA and had 2 successful Pro MMA bouts after deciding to become a professional MMA Fighter.

AKA has been voted by many as the best MMA gym in the world. Unarguably, AKA has built more MMA stars and Champions from the ground up than any gym or team on earth. Guys like Cain Velasquez came into AKA in 2006 and in only 6 years, became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Daniel Cormier and Luke Rockhold also came into AKA with no previous MMA experience and are both now top 10 fighters. Young fighters such as Josh Thomson, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and Mike Swick all came in with very little MMA experience.

The pro fighter training at AKA is notoriously hard, but gets results. If you have the fortitude to get through this level of training, you will see vast improvements in your fighting career. When the time comes to get you the big fights, AKA has the ability to get you the opportunities you deserve in the biggest shows on earth.

Even though Muay Thai is not the same style as MMA, the AKA conditioning and curriculum will put you on a higher level in Muay Thai. We adapt the fighter training schedule and conditioning drills to any style to make sure you are more than prepared when you get inside the ring. You will be more confident, as you will be fighting in the best shape of your life.

You don’t need any skills or experience for any of our programs! We have beginner classes in every area to make sure you learn the basics before you progress. We have many guests that are just here looking to try something new and exciting while vacationing in paradise.

When you come to AKA Thailand, we ask that you just bring workout clothes and a positive attitude! Everything that you need for training is also available for sale in our showroom pro shop. Gloves, headgear, shin pads, wraps, mouth pieces, cups, shirts, shorts and Gi’s. We also have all the supplements and vitamins you would need as well as fresh made protein shakes and healthy snacks.

“I have never seen anything like it. You can’t come to Thailand without coming to AKA Thailand!”

Dana White – UFC President

“AKA Thailand is home away from home now, and new Pre-Camp for The Chosen One! It’s all about training hard. Breaking barriers without breaking bones. AKA Thailand has the perfect balance of intensity and control. Mike Swick…..Yeah, he’s ON TO SOMETHING!”

Tyron Woodley

“The gym looks amazing! Mike Swick is a good team mate and coach and has been successful at every level. I can’t wait to visit.”

Daniel Cormier – UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion

“This is one of the most amazing gyms I’ve ever seen, the most amazing gym. AKA Thailand is a destination for anybody of any level of fitness or for whatever you’re looking for, this gym covers everything. There’s so many levels of fitness here. They have the Muay Thai area, the MMA area, the fitness area which is a whole other level. This has surpassed my expectation by far, I had no idea it was going to be like this, I’m literally in ahhh. AKA Thailand was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a beautiful place and the best gym I’ve ever seen.”

Luke Rockhold – UFC Middleweight Champion

“It’s one of the most beautiful gyms in the world. They’re on the way to building a bigger better AKA then I have here in San Jose, California. AKA Thailand has everything AKA HQ has. They have great wrestling, great Jiu Jitsu and better Thai boxing.”

Javier Mendez – AKA Founder

“I’ve been watching the build of AKA Thailand from day one, It looks great.”

Cain Velasquez – Former UFC Heavyweight Champion

“AKA Thailand has been amazing, like I said, I’ve been looked after really well. I’m in the best physical shape for this fight, i’m looking forward to fighting. I don’t think I could be prepared any better.”

“I’m looking forward to another fight camp at AKA Thailand.”

Mark Hunt – #7 Ranked UFC Heavyweight Contender

“AKA Thailand is the best gym I’ve trained at, an amazing facility catering to all aspects of fitness whether it’s MMA, Muay Thai or any other discipline.”

Soa Palelei – 7x UFC Veteran, Top Heavyweight MMA Contender

“I had the privilege of training at AKA Thailand with my entire family and it was such an amazing experience. They have everything a professional athlete would need to run their entire camp from one location. The food is clean and healthy, they have a separate indoor workout area, huge space for training both inside and outdoors with the elements. There’s just something about being with nature that sparks creativity within an athlete and the views are absolutely breathtaking. Mike Swick and his staff were all very helpful during our stay and made me feel right at home. Every coach that I worked with was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. I’m planning on making another trip out there very soon. I can’t wait to see everybody!”

Michelle Waterson

“Quite simply impressive! MMA fans keep a close eye on AKA Thailand.”

Victor Cui – One FC President

“AKA has a massive reputation in the MMA world and with an upcoming fight here in Thailand, I was looking for a place to come and finish the final days of my preparation.” I thought it would be a good idea to not only train at a gym with such a high reputation but to check out the brand new facilities. The facilities are second to none. I’ve trained at other MMA based camps (in Phuket) and I haven’t seen anything like this.”

Paul Daley – World Renowned MMA & Muay Thai Fighter

“It’s paradise here. I’m definitely getting the best training and the duo; I wanted to come out here and still have a vacation because it’s my hiatus from the show but I also wanted to train and transform and these guys (Muay Thai trainers) have definitely helped me transform…”

“It’s my new home (AKA Thailand), I don’t think there’s going to be a year that goes by that I don’t come back out here.”

Gina Rodriguez – Actress Star of “Jane The Virgin” & “Deepwater Horizon”

“This is the best gym in Thailand!”

Dan Bilzerian – “King Of Instagram”

“I came to visit AKA Thailand with my family. We all loved it. The open air gym outside is impressive. All the coaches and people we met were beyond accommodating and welcoming. The kitchen made fantastic food. I could have definitely spent more time here. AKA Thailand is bad ass! Thank you for hosting us!”

Chuck Liddell – UFC Hall Of Famer

“AKA Thailand is one of the best training facilities that I’ve been too. Not just in Thailand but anywhere. Great instructors, clean facilities and bathrooms and it’s set in a jungle environment.”

Jon Fitch – MMA World Champion, BJJ Black Belt, AKA Team Captain

“AKA Thailand is a one-stop-shop. You come at your own speed and pace, and I think that is what sets it for every person. It’s personalized for you. If you’re here to get in shape, if you’re here to be the number one champion, it gives you all the opportunity to be the best.”

Ricco Rodriguez – Former UFC Heavyweight World Champion