AKA Thailand’s Alpha Female Genah Fabian is Fighting

AKA Thailand's Alpha Female Genah Fabian is Fighting

AKA Thailand’s Alpha Female Genah Fabian is fighting on the 12th of Feb in Perth, Australia! Genah makes her return to Muay Thai to fight for the ISKA Australian Muay Thai Title against WMC State Champion, IFMA World Medalist, Steph Glew.

We got a few minutes to speak with Genah during her fight camp:

I’m feeling great ready and sharp all the hard work has been done before this point… I’ve committed and switched myself to MMA over the last few months so coming back in style and rules to train for a Muay Thai fight again has been like coming back home  but with what I feel now a better style, movement and skills… Right now it’s one more hard training week then fight week and right now it’s just getting the last part of the weight off for me! That’s always fun but part of the business and what mentally sets me strongest come fight day…”

Even though Genah is now more focused on her MMA career, we’re excited for her to go back to her old school roots.

Look out for our Strength & Conditioning Queen Bee as she rises up in both the Muay Thai and MMA scenes.