marcio cesar

AKA Thailand’s BJJ Head Coach Promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt

AKA Thailand is proud to announce that our very own BJJ Head Coach, Marcio “Gracinha” Cesar, was promoted to 3rd degree black belt!

Marcio has been working very hard to build our BJJ and MMA program here at AKA Thailand. He is also very involved with our pro MMA fight team where his experience as a member of the famous Nova Uniao team allows Marcio to not only pass on technical knowledge, but also worldly knowledge about being a fighter and living a fighter’s life. Marcio has trained with MMA elites such as Jose Aldo, Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and many more.

To date, Marcio is the only active BJJ black belt living, training and fighting in MMA on the island of Phuket. His record currently sits at 18-9-3 with 11 submissions.

Here are Marcio’s thoughts on receiving his 3rd degree:

“I’m 16 years in bjj, how fast the time passed and today I complete 9 years black belt and received my third degree I can only say thank BJJ for giving me everything in my life and thank you to the Masters, and friends who are part of this story …. about the future I do not know …… but I know that BJJ is for life #BJJ4LIFE”

Thank you Marcio for being a part of AKA Thailand and helping us grow into the super gym we are today.