Connor’s alleged phone rage stomp video is up on TMZ

First, we heard the news that Conor McGregor stomped on and took a fan’s phone. Then, we saw the video of his arrest. Now, TMZ has obtained the alleged video of Conor’s rage stomp of the phone.

The video looks to be exactly as it was described by the victim, Ahmed Abdirzak. It shows Conor McGregor amidst a sea of security stepping on a phone and then taking it. In the background, Abdirzak can’t be heard saying, “Give me back my phone, man.”

If we are being totally truthful here, the YouTube comments on this video are absolutely hilarious. We understand that the situation is (relatively) serious, but it’s hard not to laugh at some people’s creativity.

“Conor is lucky that phone didn’t have a good ground game.”

“The phone was ‘sending location’ to Khabib and that’s why Conor smashed it.”

“Even an iPhone won’t tap out when it’s on the ground.”

“Khabib did this to him and he can only do it to a phone.”

Fans are ruthless.