Andrea KGB Lee comes under fire for husband’s swastika tattoos

If you sport a swastika tattoo, odds are that people aren’t going to react well to it. UFC fighter, Andrea KGB Lee is finding that out the hard way. After a day at the lake with her husband they posted a video together and amidst his arm tattoos was a swastika.

Immediately, people had questions and also made assumptions. Lee was met with a barrage of negativity and accusations. Seemingly caught off guard, she posted to her social media a very poor attempt to back her husband and missed the point of people’s ire.

“Neither one of us are racists. We have an Asian and a black guy who live with us! Oh my gosh guys it’s a tattoo he got when he was in prison, get over yourselves. He covers them up all the time; We happened to have a lake day and it makes an appearance. Sensitive ass mofos.”

That may have been one of the worst responses to people concerned about a symbol embroiled in hatred. Therefore, it got even worse. Lee or a manager did damage control and posted another statement on her Facebook. This time, with a little more tact.

“My comments the day before were meant to just defend my husband not his tattoo. I never intended to make light of the situation, the history of the symbol or dismiss anyone that was offended. The mistakes he made in his youth are not a representation of who he is today, which is a man that loves and respects everyone. Donny was my coach long before we got together, when I first met Donny, I questioned him too about his tattoos and he explained to me about his past and who he was now and how he’d changed. The more I got to know him as a person the less I noticed his skin.
I’m truly sorry for responding the other day the way I did. If you think I don’t care, I DO! I’m not racist, I’m not a Nazi, and I don’t hate people. Neither does Donny.

I’ve always believed in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I personally try to live by that and I tell my daughter that all the time. I Also don’t believe in hating a person for things they have done to you or things they have done, Period, If I don’t like someone. I never ever say that I hate people or a person. If anything I just extremely dislike a person, but never hate.
I’m the type of person to help anyone out no matter the color of their skin or the religion they believe in, I don’t judge people based off a single thing or action or because of what someone else said about them, I chose to get to know them first and then make my own personal opinion, that’s how I am and that’s who I have always been.
So I am sorry if I offended anyone, I apologize, please forgive me.”

While both Lee and her husband scrambled to make statements, many people aren’t letting them off the hook. Wearing a symbol of hate shouldn’t be accepted, but her husband has chosen to, despite passing it off as a bad youth decision. In his statement, he refuses to get rid of it for what seems like vanity reasons. Therefore, he has to live with whatever comes his way in the shape of intolerance.

As long as Lee supports him, so will she, whether it’s warranted or not.