Steve Aoki trains Muay Thai at AKA Thailand for the first time

When superstar DJ/Musician, Steve Aoki, trains Muay Thai for his first time ever at AKA Thailand, you pull out all the stops. Aoki was in Phuket for an upcoming appearance at Illuzion, Thailand’s top nightclub. As it turns out, Aoki is also good friends with owner/founder of AKA Thailand, Mike Swick. Aoki in Thailand?! Yeah, we weren’t going to miss the opportunity of getting him in the ring.

AKA Thailand just won ‘Best Muay Thai Gym in Thailand’ for the third year in a row. This makes our gym one of the most sought after places to train Muay Thai, anywhere in the world. Our gym is a hotspot for top fighters and celebrities because of our provided services. Although designed for anyone to train here, our 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor brings us all walks of life.

Steve Aoki is one of the world’s most famous entertainers and he got his training on before his show. He stopped by the gym and Swick rolled out the red carpet for him. Steve got in an amazing training session and of course was treated like royalty. Our trainers did NOT go easy on him and he got a solid training session in.

Aoki has trained before but never has he done Muay Thai at AKA Thailand. When he trains Muay Thai under our watch, we make sure he’s taken care of. However, if you watch him get after it, he’s actually really skilled! Check out the AKA Thailand Instagram to see all of the footage of Aoki going hard on the mats! What a beast!