As if losing his ONE FC debut wasn’t bad enough, Sage Northcutt got his face broken in 8 places

Losing his ONE FC debut in 29 seconds was probably the last thing that Sage Northcutt thought would happen. Even less expected was that his face was fractured in 8 different places. Broken bones suck but eight of them is a disaster.

Northcutt made his promotional debut against an absolute killer in Cosmo Alexandre. Alexandre is 2-0 in boxing, 8-1 in MMA, and 69-19 in kickboxing. In retrospect, someone didn’t do their homework on Alexandre and the face-breaking was the result.

Northcutt stepped in there with a kickboxing champion with over 10 titles to his name. While Sage is a good fighter and an incredible athlete, a fight with Alexandre was destined to end poorly. Alexandre punched Northcutt right below his left eye and basically, exploded his skull. His coach, Mr (Urijah) Faber, was interviewed by TMZ and said that “He didn’t just suffer 8 fractures in his face, but his cheek shattered into 30 different pieces.”

Showing that he still had a sense of humor during the whole ordeal, Northcutt even threatened fans with a catheter removal video. Obviously, it was in jest but it’s nice to see Sage has a sense of humor while dealing with this setback.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Mr Northcutt.