There’s bad luck; Then there’s whatever Jimmie Rivera has

Jimmie Rivera had some seriously bad MMA luck in 2017. Eleven months ago he was slated to fight Bryan Caraway and in usual Bryan Caraway fashion, Caraway pulled out of the fight. After only fighting one time in all of 2017, Rivera was supposed to fight John Lineker this Saturday at UFC 219. Lineker is a known weight-misser (Five times in the UFC), but this time he didn’t even make it to the scale. Lineker pulled out and Rivera was left without an opponent.

For this camp… Rivera missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his honeymoon. These guys give everything and when a fight is cancelled, it can be devastating.

With no one to fight, Marlon Moraes stepped up to save the day. Or, so we thought. He put his name in the hat and said he was ready to fight. When Rivera agreed, Moraes said he couldn’t make the weight. Rivera agreed to let it happen at a heavier weight and in the most bizarre twist, Moraes said the fight would be on his terms and not Rivera’s. Yesterday was a bizarre 24 hours on MMA Twitter.

All of that aside, Rivera is now officially off of the UFC 219 card. He voiced his displeasure and told fans exactly what was going on. Hopefully 2018 will see more luck in Jimmie’s career.