The basic of the basics. Proper stance for Muay Thai.

Proper stance in Muay Thai is the most important technique. It sounds crazy to think that learning how to stand properly can make any difference. However, it absolutely is the foundation of any sport, including Muay Thai.

Tennis, golfing, basketball… It is imperative in ANY of these sports to use the proper stance for maximum ability. Muay Thai is no different. Foot and hand placement can be a game of inches in Muay Thai and can be the difference in winning and losing a fight.

Our Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, demonstrates how to stand correctly. Bird shows how the body should be situated to ensure proper striking and defense. Again, it may seem silly that you would need to learn how to stand properly. However, it isn’t. The smallest of posture errors could result in waking up looking at the ceiling lights, wondering what happened.

Every bit of technique needs to be learned to become successful at any sport. This is ground 0 for Muay Thai and will provide you with a solid foundation. So, check out our video of Kru Bird demonstrating the very first step that you need to learn Muay Thai.

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