Beach Training is part of the AKA Thailand curriculum!

AKA Thailand has a curriculum that is designed for our guests and professional fighters. Our programs are in place to meet the needs of whoever walks through the doors of AKA Thailand. A big part of all of this is our very popular beach workouts.

When the weekend comes around our Muay Thai trainers like to take workouts from the mats to the sand. The workouts are similar to what our guests would do in the gym but instead it’s within the serenity of the beautiful beaches in Phuket. Guests literally do workouts with their toes in the ocean water.

The workouts have evolved from a more pro fighting feel to something that is much more guest friendly. The workout is good for the seasoned professional or the first-day Muay Thai beginner.

Most of our trainers come down for the workouts and they bring training gear with the. They bring pads down to the beach and also run classes by demonstration. Our trainers love sharing their knowledge of Muay Thai with people and they have the best time running the beach workouts as well.