Beginner Muay Thai tips with AKA Thailand trainer, Kru Bird. Part 2.

2 days ago we posted beginner Muay Thai tips with AKA Thailand trainer, Kru Bird. Now in the midst of people potentially being stuck at home looking for things to do, we gladly post part 2.

These are techniques that you can use and learn without any equipment. So, as you are home and wanting to still workout, learn, or be active we present more video basics.

Punch Combos

Like the title says, these are punches that are put together to for a punch combination.

Standing Elbows

Here, Kru Bird demonstrates all the kinds of standing elbows that you can do. Forward, back, upward, downward… You name it! Bird shows how to utilize this dangerous weapon.


It may look simple but done correctly, the standing knee can be one of a fighter’s most dangerous weapons to use during combat.

Push Kick

The push kick can basically be used like the common jab but with the legs. It’s a way to not only measure distance, but also keep your opponent away from you.