UFC’s Arjan Bhullar has emergency surgery and it’s pretty disgusting

With only one fight in the UFC, Arjan Bhullar is already making quite the name for himself outside of the cage. His most recent incident is a trip to the emergency room for surgery. However, where and what he’s having surgery on… is pretty freakin gross.

To sum it up, it sounds like he had an infected tail that needed to be drained of fluid. The guys at TMZ described what exactly happened and even they can barely keep it together.

Bhullar posted a message to his fans on Instagram to update them on his condition.

“I always believed my talents would be covered by TMZ. I didn’t think the first story would be the ‘Disgusting Injury Of The Week’, lol!

I appreciate all the msgs of concern. I’m on the road to recovery and will be back in the gym real soon.”

Best of luck to Arjun on a quick recovery. We are going to go throw up now.