Big Nog surprises AKA Thailand guests with a visit to the gym!

Former UFC and Pride heavyweight champion, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Big Nog), surprises AKA Thailand guests at the gym! As if just training at the ‘2022 Gym of the Year’ in Thailand wasn’t enough; There’s always the possibility of running into former and current UFC stars, legends, or Hall-of-Famers! 2023 started off with our guests treated to Big Nog making his way through AKA Thailand!

AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, has been friends with Big Nog for years. In fact, Swick has many relationships with some of the world’s biggest stars and they are always curious as to what Swick is up to with the gym. Big Nog began his 2023 with a trip to our little slice of heaven and checked out the growth of AKA Thailand.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is one of the most accomplished MMA fighters of all time. His resume is ridiculous and he has solidified himself as one of the heavyweight GOAT’s of the sport.

-2000 RINGS King of Kings Tournament Winner

-Pride Heavyweight Championship

-Interim Pride Heavyweight Champion

-UFC Hall of Fame Interim

-UFC Heavyweight Championship

It’s an honor to have someone with Big Nog’s credentials come to visit. He’s always gracious with our guests, taking pictures and chatting it up with them. Of course, you know that he’s going to get some time in on the mats and that’s exactly what he did! When Big Nog shows up and surprises guests at the gym by visiting unannounced, it’s a real treat for everybody.

Check out our Instagram to see how his day at AKA Thailand went down!