Cain Velasquez confident he’d beat Jon Jones, or anybody for that matter

Cain Velasquez finally makes his long-anticipated return to the Octagon this weekend against Francis Ngannou. While Cain was out, things were very quiet on the Velasquez front. Now that he’s about to be in the spotlight again, he’s beginning to show how confident he is in his skills and career.

Basically, whoever wants it can come and get it. Three days away from his main event fight, Cain Velasquez feels like he’s at his best and can beat anyone on the planet. That includes UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. When presented with the question of whether or not he could beat Jones, of course Cain said he could.

Jones has been threatening moving up to heavyweight for years now but has never pulled the trigger. What a storyline that would be; If Daniel Cormier’s teammate and brother got the Jones fight.

Hopefully, now that Jones has cleared out the entire light heavyweight division, he will move up to heavyweight where matchups like Cain are waiting for him.