Thailand is in the name but it doesn’t mean that AKA Thailand is only a Muay Thai gym

Just because Thailand is in the name it doesn’t mean that AKA Thailand is only a Muay Thai gym. Our gym is a multi-faceted place where fitness and other combat sport disciplines are taught and fitness goals can be achieved. We have a bunch of programs out here that are beneficial to everybody that is […]


A large part of our success comes from the contribution of our BJJ/MMA room

Marcio Cesar Gracinha is both an MMA fighter and a BJJ/MMA trainer. Marcio’s contribution is a large part of why our training is world class. Both Marcio and our BJJ/MMA room are a huge reason why we have such a high rating online. Aside from these two variables; Our management, programs, Muay Thai trainers and […]


Guests have spoken! AKA Thailand is the place to go when training in Thailand!

Our guests have spoken! On, AKA Thailand is the top rated gym in Thailand with 5 stars across the board. We have put our best foot forward to make this a place for people to get their every need met. Judging by reviews on, it’s been working. From our gym programs to our […]


Contrary to popular belief, AKA Thailand is more than just a Muay Thai gym

Contrary to popular belief, AKA Thailand is more than just a Muay Thai gym. Being in Thailand and having a bevy of Thai born trainers does not mean that is all that is taught out here. Muay Thai plays a big part in our success here, but it is only a piece to the puzzle. […]


AKA Thailand’s MMA/BJJ room is a big part of our successful luxury gym

It’s no secret that AKA Thailand is a successful luxury gym. We are rated 5-stars and there are a bunch of variables as to why. A big part of AKA Thailand that makes us so unique is having things that other combat sports gyms don’t possess. Our BJJ/MMA room contributes to our massive success. The […]


Our BJJ/MMA head coach is the talented, Marcio Cesar Gracinha

AKA Thailand’s head BJJ/MMA coach is the multi-talented Marcio Cesar Gracinha. Professor Marcio is a 3rd degree black belt in BJJ and professional MMA fighter. This makes him the perfect mix to be our head trainer in both MMA and BJJ at the gym. It was 20 years ago when Marcio decided to begin training […]


Mike Swick demonstrates how to keep your opponent down the AKA way

It’s a well known fact that fighters who come out of AKA know how to punish their opponents. The AKA way of fighting is a grinding and brutal style meant to wear down opponents. Guys like Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, and Khabib Nurmagomedov have perfected this style of brutalizing opponents on the canvas and then […]


AKA Thailand head BJJ instructor, Professor Marcio, demonstrates popular BJJ moves

AKA Thailand’s head BJJ instructor, Marcio Cesar Gracinha, is a multiple level black belt. In a series of videos, Marcio demonstrates popular BJJ moves that even casual fans will recognize. To say these moves are basic would be dismissive of how effective they really are. Check out coach Marcio as he shows some of the […]


Coming to AKA Thailand with no combat sports experience? No problem.

The question always arises from people about whether or not they can train at AKA Thailand if they have no combat sports experience. Quite simply, the answer is a resounding, ‘Yes’. It’s a common misconception that AKA Thailand is only a gym for professional fighters but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mike Swick […]


At AKA Thailand we have a variety of disciplines that are taught to promote confidence

Among many things, combat sports are taught to promote confidence. Children are put in a sport to get them feeling better about themselves by overcoming obstacles and succeeding. It’s not just for kids, however. Adults also need something to potentially aid their cause as well. At AKA Thailand, all of our programs that are offered […]