sailing seas NFTs

AKA Thailand went sailing the seas with NFTs

The AKA Thailand staff went sailing the seas and they had NFTs on their minds! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that AKA Thailand has been participating in the NFT universe for a while now. On our website and Twitter page, we are always offering NFTs for sale, as well as a […]


Mike Swick surprises AKA Thailand guests with beach getaway

When AKA Thailand guests came to workout last weekend they had no idea that Mike Swick had a surprise. He had planned a secret beach getaway for them that would blow their minds. He nailed it, as the out-of-the-gym adventure had all of the bells and whistles. Being that the world is dealing with this […]


See what some of the world’s best have to say about AKA Thailand

With a luxury resort style gym like AKA Thailand you know that some very high profile people will have a lot to say about it. Some of the world’s best martial artists and biggest stars have visited us here and give glowing reviews about what our gym has to offer. “AKA Thailand has been amazing, […]


Pricing for our gym programs and other amenities

Before coming to AKA Thailand you probably want to get your finances straight. Luckily for you, we have compiled pricing for our gym programs and other amenities. Here is a list of both programs and prices: All Inclusive Training *Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Hill Sprints, AKA BodyFit Fusion, Weight Room Access […]


When Dana White came out to AKA Thailand and gave us a ringing endorsement

It took Dana White a while to make his way out to AKA Thailand but when he did, he gave the gym his ringing endorsement. The crazy thing about Dana doing this advertisement is that it was Dana’s idea. White came out to Thailand to vacation and visit AKA Thailand and was immediately blown away […]


Mike Swick and the boys experiment with the ‘Triple Drone Shot’

Mike Swick and the boys from AKA Thailand experiment with 3 drones to try and get the perfect aerial shot of the gym. While it took some time and finessing, they were able to give guests a lay of the land and show how massive the gym actually is. Our Director of Customer Service, Marc […]


The online presence of AKA Thailand’s social media

The social media of AKA Thailand has a very strong online presence. We want potential and former guests to see what we have going on all of the time. AKA Thailand is always trying to keep everyone involved with our goings-on because we want to be a ‘community’. We have compiled a list of how […]


Save your time testing out Phuket gyms and just come to AKA Thailand

You will just be wasting your precious time by testing out all of the gyms in Phuket to find out which most meets your needs. We are here to tell you that your search should just stop at AKA Thailand. As far as our programs are concerned, our gym is top tier with the best […]


Meal plan options at AKA Thailand’s Contender Cafe

People are usually concerned as to what they are going to eat when they come out to AKA Thailand and luckily we have meal plan options for our guests. This is just another thing that we offer that makes our gym so special. We want everyone to feel comfortable and have everything that they need […]


Tour the AKA Thailand grounds with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki

Marc Bogutzki and Mike Swick are the two people that you want giving a tour of AKA Thailand. Luckily, that’s exactly what we have a video of them doing! It helps would-be guests who are planning on visiting us out here to see the grounds before they ever step foot in AKA Thailand. Visa issues, […]