There’s NEVER been a better time to come to Thailand than RIGHT NOW

Simply put, there has never been a better time to come to Thailand than right now. It may seem odd because the world is locked down but this pandemic actually freed up tourism spots to the likes of which has never been seen. Thailand is one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations but since […]


The weekend beach workout is often the favorite part of visiting AKA Thailand for guests

If you ask anyone who participates in the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts, many will tell you that it is their favorite part of training here.  Most of the time, people who visit AKA Thailand can be found on the mats, either training BJJ or Muay Thai. In the case of beach training,  our Muay […]


AKA Thailand beach workouts are designed to be fun conditioning sessions

AKA Thailand beach workouts used to be for pro fighters. Now, they are designed specifically to be fun conditioning sessions for all levels. Actually, every program that we offer is for people of all levels but our beach workouts are made for guests to have some cardio fun. Sure, you’ll be sweating and working your […]