Beginner Muay Thai tips with AKA Thailand trainer, Kru Bird

AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, loves to teach and give tips regarding all levels of Muay Thai. We have compiled a list of videos which are beneficial for understanding the basics of Muay Thai. The videos are a perfect way to pick up some of Muay Thai’s simplest techniques. Proper Stance: Before any […]


All of our programs that are available at AKA Thailand

When you are coming to AKA Thailand, knowing the programs that are available here gives you a leg up before you even make the visit! Just because we are in Thailand it is assumed that we are just a Muay Thai gym. However, Muay Thai is only a part of our curriculum which is focused […]


The weekend beach workout is often the favorite part of visiting AKA Thailand for guests

If you ask anyone who participates in the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts, many will tell you that it is their favorite part of training here.  Most of the time, people who visit AKA Thailand can be found on the mats, either training BJJ or Muay Thai. In the case of beach training,  our Muay […]


Our Muay Thai trainers are the cream of the crop experienced coaches

Our Thai-born trainers are the cream of the crop of experienced coaches. All of them are Thai-born and collectively they have over 2,000 Muay Thai fights. Our trainers are experienced with invaluable in-ring time. They parlay that time into their teachings of Muay Thai. Their lifetime of work is a wealth of knowledge that is […]


Muay Thai basics with one of our top trainers, Kru Bird

Learn some Muay Thai basics with one of AKA Thailand’s top trainers, Kru Bird. Bird is a guest favorite and one of our longest running trainers at the gym. Here, he demonstrates some Muay Thai basics for us to watch and try. Of course, Muay Thai is not a simple art to learn. However, watching […]


While training at AKA Thailand you must check out some Muay Thai fights

You can visit beaches in Phuket when training at AKA Thailand and do all kinds of other fun things during your time here. However, you must check out live Muay Thai fights if you are training at our gym. Muay Thai is one of Thailand’s oldest traditions so it’s a no brainer that when you […]


AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, lands announcing duties for Absolute Muay Thai

AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, is spreading his wings once again and branching out to another venture. This time he has landed a gig announcing Muay Thai fights. Swick has more combat experience than most people on Earth. He is a 15-fight UFC veteran, so we are all aware of his in-ring experience. In 2017, […]


Everything that you could want from a combat sports gym, we have!

At AKA Thailand we like to think that we have everything that even the most finicky of guests would want. Mike Swick left no stone unturned when he thought up the concept of AKA Thailand and the gym delivers it all. Management, cleanliness, trainers, programs, and food; All hit the mark! Our trainers for all […]


6 years ago AKA Thailand had a ring, a roof, and some dirt.

A lot can change in 6 years, Just look at AKA Thailand. We had a ring, a roof, and some dirt out here. Today, AKA Thailand is a beautiful luxury resort-style training facility with all of the bells and whistles. In 2014, we were just getting started and building was going through its embryonic stages. […]


AKA Thailand beach workouts are designed to be fun conditioning sessions

AKA Thailand beach workouts used to be for pro fighters. Now, they are designed specifically to be fun conditioning sessions for all levels. Actually, every program that we offer is for people of all levels but our beach workouts are made for guests to have some cardio fun. Sure, you’ll be sweating and working your […]