AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainers are all Thai-born and battle tested

The Muay Thai trainers at AKA Thailand are experienced battle tested fighters. All of them are Thai-born and collectively they have over 2,000 Muay Thai fights. The experiences of our trainers allows them to spread the word of Muay Thai to guests who come to AKA Thailand. Not only do they have training prowess but […]


Our Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, demonstrates some easier to use Muay Thai moves

While Muay Thai is a sport that takes a lot of patience and effort, there’s still some moves that are easier to learn. Our own trainer, Kru Bird, demonstrates a few of those moves in a bunch of instructional videos. Proper Stance: Before any strike can even be thrown, simply standing the right way is […]


Experience professional Muay Thai at night when training at AKA Thailand

When you are interested in something it’s always fun to experience professionals participating in the same thing. For example, if you love basketball you have to take in an NBA game. If you are out at AKA Thailand for Muay Thai training, going to see professional Muay Thai fights is an absolute must. Muay Thai […]


5 Green Circles on Trip Advisor Means AKA Thailand is Rated 5 Stars by Guests

If you peruse the website and look up AKA Thailand you will see that we are rated 5-stars by the green circles that are filled in. Guests have spoken and they are extremely pleased with what we have to offer. Once again, we emphasize customer service here and this includes both training and management. […]


Kru Speed’s previous fight at Patong Stadium

AKA Thailand’s, Kru Speed, is fighting next month at Patong Stadium. In his previous fight at Patong, Speed won via knockout. After a solid fight between he and Thaharnake, Speed was able to wear his opponent down. It was in the third round that Speed was able to put a finish on the fight. He […]


Our experienced Muay Thai trainers have over 2000 fights combined

All of AKA Thailand’s experienced Muay Thai trainers have a lifetime of knowledge. Between them all, they have over 2000 combined Muay Thai fights. Long story short, our guys know what they are doing. Trainers like Kru Pet have 280 fights under his belt, winning 205 of them. Kru Pet loves to teach students at […]


Learn Muay Thai at our gym when visiting Thailand on vacation

If you come to Thailand on vacation you are probably just looking to relax on a beach and sip on some tropical drinks. However, passing up visiting AKA Thailand would be a really big mistake. Thailand is the motherland of Muay Thai and where better to learn about it than AKA Thailand? All of our […]


AKA Thailand trainers teach confidence through combat sports

The general idea for learning a combat sport is usually for fitness and confidence purposes. Whether it is for children or adults, learning a discipline helps immensely in all aspects of life. The common misconception is that AKA Thailand is just a gym for professional fighters and that no amateurs are allowed. Obviously, this isn’t […]


AKA Thailand is a gym for any and everybody who comes to visit

Everyone that comes to visit AKA Thailand is welcome. Even though this is a blanket statement, it is 100% true. Even the beginners that walk through our doors will get the same treatment as a UFC champion would. Mike Swick created a gym where advanced fighters can train alongside day one beginners. It’s formatted so […]


The basics of Muay Thai are anything but basic, however, easily learnable

No part of Muay Thai is easy, however, it’s very learnable for people willing to try. There are always beginning steps when learning anything new. AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, is here to demonstrate some Muay Thai basics that any regular Joe can practice! Proper Stance: Before any strike can even be thrown, […]