Come to Thailand on vacation and learn Muay Thai at AKA Thailand

If you come to Thailand just to visit or enjoy a vacation, you probably aren’t thinking that you will learn Muay Thai. We urge you to reconsider this, as training at AKA Thailand is just as good as any vacation. While most people ideally want to sit on a beach and sip on a beverage, […]


Beach Training is part of the AKA Thailand curriculum!

AKA Thailand has a curriculum that is designed for our guests and professional fighters. Our programs are in place to meet the needs of whoever walks through the doors of AKA Thailand. A big part of all of this is our very popular beach workouts. When the weekend comes around our Muay Thai trainers like […]


Customer satisfaction is paramount at AKA Thailand

At AKA Thailand, we pride ourself on customer satisfaction. There is a method to everything that we do it here, as long as it ends with our guests feeling ecstatic about their AKA Thailand experience. It’s not just our customer service that makes us a 5-star gym. That is only a part of it. When […]


All disciplines at AKA Thailand are well represented by our trainers

All of the disciplines that are taught at AKA Thailand are very well represented by the trainers in their particular combat sport. From Muay Thai to BJJ, everyone that is hired and on staff at AKA Thailand are some of the world’s best. Our Muay Thai program is taught by a plethora of Thai-born trainers. […]


All of AKA Thailand’s Muay Thai trainers are Thai with years of fight experience

When you come to AKA Thailand there is a good chance that you are going there to train Muay Thai. The fight experience of our Muay Thai trainers is extensive to say the least. While all of our trainers are world-class at their particular disciplines, the Muay Thai trainers are in abundance and it’s up […]


All of our Muay Thai trainers are Thai-born and ready to lend a hand

If you ask any of AKA Thailand’s Muay Thai trainers why they want to teach our guests in the discipline, almost all will tell you that they want to spread the word and history of Muay Thai. This is exactly what they do and they are always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone […]


Put your kids in AKA Thailand Muay Thai or BJJ and boost their confidence

Putting your child in any martial art will help boost their confidence. The popular trend has been putting kids in karate because, for some reason, parents are sold on the idea that doing katas will keep their child safe and feel good about themselves. Training in a discipline that actually works is much better for […]


Go to Phuket as a tourist, come back a trained Muay Thai fighter

Upon further review, the title of this article may be a bit misleading. It almost sounds like you can come to AKA Thailand and become a trained killer after one Muay Thai session. This isn’t what we are saying at all. What we mean is, if you come to Thailand as a tourist wanting to […]


Thailand is in the name but AKA Thailand isn’t only for Muay Thai

The name AKA Thailand gives off the message that our gym is only a Muay Thai gym. However, Muay Thai is only a part of what we have to offer. AKA Thailand is a full service multi-discipline gym, not just Muay Thai. Granted, yes, Muay Thai is a big part of our AKA Thailand curriculum […]


The AKA Thailand beach workout is great for a change of scenery

The scenery is amazing all over Phuket. At AKA Thailand, we pride ourselves on having a gym where people love to come and train. However, it’s nice to switch it up once in a while and get back to nature. Fortunately for our guests, we have the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts. The beach workouts […]