Go to Phuket as a tourist, come back a trained Muay Thai fighter

Upon further review, the title of this article may be a bit misleading. It almost sounds like you can come to AKA Thailand and become a trained killer after one Muay Thai session. This isn’t what we are saying at all. What we mean is, if you come to Thailand as a tourist wanting to […]


The AKA Thailand beach workouts are still a hit after all these years

So much has changed at AKA Thailand over the years. The faces may have changed but the song remains the same. There is a new cast of characters at the gym but they have kept up the former traditions. The beach workout is one of those traditions and it is still a hit with our […]


‘Amazing’. Incredible’. The best!’ Trip Advisor reviews of AKA Thailand

AKA Thailand is a luxury gym in Phuket that is catered to our guest’s needs. Mike Swick had a vision when he conceptualized the gym and when it came to fruition, AKA Thailand was all that he had dreamed of and more. reviews are 5-stars across the board and reviewers use words like ‘amazing’, […]

Take to the sky with Mike Swick and his 3 drones looking at AKA Thailand

Take to the sky with Mike Swick and his 3 drones looking at AKA Thailand

When Mike Swick isn’t running AKA Thailand, getting attacked by monkeys, or going into cobra pits; He has other hobbies that are a little safer and relaxing. Swick and his buddies got together and took their drones out and sent them into the sky for some sick AKA Thailand pics. All 3 drones get launched […]


Take a stroll through AKA Thailand with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki

Take a stroll through AKA Thailand with owner, Mike Swick, and Director of Operations, Marc Bogutzki. The guys go room to room describing what you get when visiting our luxury gym. Mike and Marc check everything off of the list; Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, basketball, cardio, and management. The guys are passionate about our little […]


Get to know your AKA Thailand staff. We start at the top with Mike Swick

When getting to know the staff at AKA Thailand, it’s imperative that we begin by taking a look all the way at the top. The founder, creator, and head of everything is none other than top UFC veteran, Mike Swick. As amazing of a fighter that Swick was, he always felt that there was something […]


Why AKA Thailand in Phuket is the optimal place to learn Muay Thai

It’s a no-brainer that if you want to learn Muay Thai, you should probably go and train in Thailand. The best gyms are in Phuket and none are better than our luxury supergym, AKA Thailand. It is the optimal place to learn the basics of Muay Thai and gain knowledge in the discipline. The birthplace […]


Take a Thai cooking class when you are vacationing in Phuket

Take in the Thai culture when you visit Phuket by taking a Thai cooking class. The Phuket Cooking Academy offers classes for those who want to learn their cuisine. There is something for everyone there, as classes are offered for the full day or 1/2 the day. So, you can learn how to face-punch at […]


You haven’t experienced Phuket until you see the Phuket Weekend Market

Until you’ve experienced the Phuket Weekend Market, you haven’t really experienced Phuket. Sure, there are beautiful white sand beaches that can occupy your day, but that isn’t at all what Phuket is about. In any city, it’s the hustle and bustle that helps you see the actual culture of your destination. The market is a […]


The largest and most frequented temple in Phuket is Wat Chalong

The largest and most frequented temple in Phuket is Wat Chalong. While it may seem like a must-see landmark because of its beauty, it’s actually a functional building that people visit to pray. So, any time you visit it, both guests are there as well as locals who are utilizing the facility. In other words, […]