Try multiple levels of rafting at the Phuket White Water Rafting Tours

Why not try a river rafting tour while in Phuket, Thailand? You’ve already finished your day of training at AKA Thailand and you want some fun adventure in your life. Hello Phuket White Water Rafting! Whether you are a beginner or advanced rafter, multiple tours are available to choose from. says, “The trip heading […]


While at AKA Thailand it’s imperative that you take in Muay Thai fights

When visiting AKA Thailand in Phuket you are going to want to check out the sights of the city. One imperative thing that you must do is take in a Muay Thai fight. Both Bangla Boxing Stadium and the Patong Boxing Stadium host traditional Muay Thai fights there pretty regularly. Muay Thai is one of […]


At the correct time of year you can get some decent surf in Phuket

If you travel to Phuket at the correct time of the year you can totally find some decent surf. While Phuket itself isn’t consistently a surfing nirvana, it definitely holds it’s own if you go to the right place at the right time. We’ve compiled a list of the best surfing spots to make things […]


Transportation to get around Phuket the easiest way possible

You must pick a means for transportation when in Phuket, Thailand. Tourism is particularly crazy in Phuket and it’s imperative to choose the proper vehicle to get around. We outlined the ways to get around so you don’t make the mistake of taking the wrong mode of travel. Bicycle One of the most popular ways […]


Phuket’s floating restaurants are a tourist hit and totally unique

You want a totally unique and new experience while in Phuket? One such adventure is the floating restaurants. Sitting on top of the water eating seafood is something right out of a James Bond movie. says, “Phuket’s floating seafood restaurants are a fun way to dine out and can be found along the east […]


The Aussie Bar in Phuket is one of the highest rated bars in Phuket

The Aussie Bar is one of the highest rated bars in Phuket for a very simple reason. It is an actual bar that is catered to guests’ needs. It’s a place to watch sports, drink, play pool, and grab some good grub. Many visitors to the Aussie Bar describe it as a Westernized bar or […]


Try Muay Thai for your initial time with any of our Thai-born trainers

When you try Muay Thai for the initial time it would be in your best interest to visit AKA Thailand in Phuket. Because it’s in Thailand? Well, yes, but also because all of our Muay Thai trainers are Thai-born with over 2,000+ fights and they absolutely LOVE to teach their knowledge of Muay Thai to […]


Bang Pae, Ton Sai, and Kathu Waterfall are Phuket’s best waterfalls

When you are vacationing in Phuket there are 3 especially beautiful waterfalls that should be visited. Bang Pae, Ton Sai, and Kathu Waterfalls are all places that guests of the island should pencil in as ‘must see’ destinations. Bang Pae “The natural beauty surrounding the 33-foot Bang Pae waterfall is hard to beat. Situated deep […]


Who better to give the AKA Thailand tour than it’s creator, Mike Swick?

Mike Swick had a vision and made it into a reality. AKA Thailand is his brain child and the gym is wildly successful. Guests that are coming out to use the facilities can go to to read about it or right here, you can watch Swick the creator give you the grand tour. Swick […]