It’s kinda frowned upon, but go plane spotting in Phuket

While it is frowned upon, watching planes land in Phuket is pretty awesome. Although being under the path of a landing plane is illegal, it doesn’t stop people from doing it. In now way are we urging you to do it. However, we are just letting you know that it’s pretty damn cool if you […]


The Simon Cabaret Show Keeps up with Thai culture that’s pretty wild

To Westerners, The Simon Cabaret Show may seem totally wild. For those familiar with Thai culture, they know that ladyboys just come with the cultural territory. As the saying goes, “The most beautiful women in Thailand are men.” The Simon Cabaret website describes their unique show. “The evening of glamorous entertainment is without doubt you […]


Zipline in Phuket at Zipline Phuket. That’s about as straight forward as it gets.

After a hard day of fun in the sun or a tough workout at AKA Thailand, many people choose to do some family stuff in Phuket. One of those activities involves going straight to ziplining in Phuket. Ziplining is huge in Phuket because the view and ‘ride’ is not only fun but gorgeous. describes […]


Just because AKA Thailand is in Thailand it doesn’t mean it’s just for Muay Thai

It’s interesting that when you say there is a gym in Thailand automatically everyone just assumes you mean it is a Muay Thai gym. As far as AKA Thailand is concerned there is so much more to it than just Muay Thai. It is funny how just because something is in a culture people just […]


Life’s a Beach at AKA Thailand! The benefits of our beach workouts

Bluntly put, AKA Thailand is the premier state-of-the-art training facility in Thailand. Our Muay Thai program is run by Thai trainers with a lifetime of experience, BJJ is taught by Professor Marcio Cesar Gracinha, and at any given time; Top MMA fighters from around the globe are there doing workouts. Yes, our facility is on […]


Here’s where you go in Phuket FORE the best golf courses

After a strenuous day of training at AKA Thailand many guests look for ways to relax and do something un-combat-sportish. One of the things that Phuket is known for are their beautiful golf courses. Some people love golfing to relieve stress and any of these places will definitely suffice. The Red Mountain Golf CourseIt is […]


One of Thailand’s biggest stars, Tony Jaa knows all about Muay Thai

One of Thailand’s biggest stars is Tony Jaa. You know him best for his roles in Ong-Bak and then, everything thereafter. Jaa was a stuntman first but developed an interest in Muay Boran, which was a kind of Muay Thai. That along with his stunt work together made for a never-before-seen cinematic marvel. “Born Phanom […]


Live on the wild side in Phuket. Try the Coral Island full day & Diving + Parasailing

After a tough morning training at AKA Thailand, you may want to both relax and live on the wild side. Look no further than the Coral Island Full Day and Diving + Parasailing. Weather permitting this is a very popular tour with those who like t live a little more dangerously; ESPECIALLY THE PARASAILING part! […]


No, it’s not an illusion. ‘Illuzion’ is the best nightclub that Phuket has to offer.

No, it’s not an illusion. ‘Illuzion‘ is the best nightclub that Phuket has to offer. Regardless of the play on words, Illuzion really is the best place to get your groove on. From world famous DJ’s to local talent, whoever hits the stage is a banger of a talent. One could make the argument that […]