Khao Phra Taew is Phuket Thailand’s last natural rainforest

In this world where natural beauty is rapidly declining, there’ still some things that are beautiful. Khao Phra Taew is Phuket, Thailand’s last natural rainforest and it is one of those things. “Khao (mountain) Phra Taew in Phuket’s northeast has the only remaining rainforest of any size on the island and is now protected as […]


Muay Thai for beginners at AKA Thailand. Here’s what you should know.

AKA Thailand is so much more than just a Muay Thai gym. It’s a place for visitors to come and get a sweat on, learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or just work out. Of course, there is a strong focus on our Muay Thai program but clearly it isn’t everything that we have. Our classes are […]


The Simon Cabaret Show is not for the faint of heart. But it’s crazy fun!

Let us just start by saying that The Simon Cabaret Show is a little crazy. If you are not used to what you are going to see, you may be shocked. What you must understand is that the show is a huge part of Thai culture. So, if you are ready to be wildly entertained, […]


Phang Nga Bay is a beautiful and serene spot that you can’t afford to not visit

After you lift weights or smash pads at AKA Thailand, you may want to just chill out and relax. While many places in Phuket are relax-worthy, the serene spot of Phang Nga Bay is one of the most beautiful places to go and visit. There are many features that make the bay unique. From James […]


Watch the monkeys at ‘Monkey Hill’. Just make sure to stay on your toes!

Monkey Hill is a huge tourist spot to visit but you need to be on your guard at all times. This isn’t some animal sanctuary that you would visit where there are trainers and people watching your 6. No, here you are out in nature with monkeys and you are at their mercy. You think […]


You don’t come to Thailand for the Hot Dogs. Learn how to cook like a Thai chef!

No one ever visited Thailand and thought that they had to get one of those famous Phuket hot dogs. No, Thailand is known for their traditional cuisine which is their own and not at all Westernized. While there are restaurants galore in Thailand, it’s the ones that teach you how to make Thai food that […]


Tiger Kingdom offers an experience to be around tigers that you can’t get anywhere else

It’s almost impossible to find an experience with a tiger being plausible almost anywhere. Animal rights activists have done a great job shutting down any animal show in the world if there is any hint of unfair treatment. As far as the Tiger Kingdom is concerned, they have a green light to make it an […]


Phuket Town Weekend Night Market is an experience you’ve never had before

The Phuket Big Market on the weekend is bananas (no pun intended). The experience is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Food, shopping, and people watching (Oh my!) are all on another level within the marketplace. This is why tourists spend many nights perusing the market and drinking in the Thailand experience. Naka Market, also […]