Henry Cejudo gets Nikki Bella’s attention. Cuts shockingly pathetic promo

For the love of God… Somebody please take Henry Cejudo’s phone away from him. The champ professed his love to Nikki Bella of the WWE and she responded to his callout in a shockingly positive way. Mind you, this is a girl who was engaged to John Cena. Now, little ol Henry comes along and sweeps her off her feet? Things are certainly looking up for the champ.

That is until Henry found out that Nikki was interested. In the most patheticly virginal way imaginable, Henry tried to step up and absolutely blew it with no swag whatsoever.

He got on his social media and cut a promo and apparently tried to steal every WWE wrestler ever’s gimmick. You put all those gimmicks in a blender and you get this horrible / no game / embarrassing tweet right here.