Our Airdyne circuit training is still the best physical workout at AKA Thailand

When it comes to physical fitness at AKA Thailand, we have you covered with all of our offered programs. However, our Airdyne circuit training is the crown jewel when trying to get insane cardio.

Dillon Croushorn takes everyone through the entire training regimen. When guests are done with the workout, usually it’s Dillon that hears about how grueling the workouts are. The Airdyne training is an absolute killer, but when it’s over, students know that they were in a REAL workout.

Our website describes the Airdyne room as a place, “Designated for fighter training and our AKA Airdyne blast circuit. This is where our world-renowned Airdyne workouts give our guests and fighters the most intense cardio workout imaginable. If you have watched any UFC countdown shows with AKA fighters, you have seen them doing this workout, and now you can try it yourself. The room also features 140sm. (1,500sf.) of additional Dollamur mat space, as well as six heavy bags, ten Schwinn AD6 Airdyne bikes, two uppercut bags, and an array of strength and conditioning, cardio exercise equipment. This space is also used for our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon yoga recovery sessions.”

This workout is not for those who are whiny and do not want to work hard. It is designed to push you to places that you didn’t know you could go. This is why people love the Airdyne Blast, as well as respect it’s intensity.