What did coach Jason Parillo’s hand say to Cris Cyborg’s face?

You know, if I had seen this footage before Cris Cyborg fought Holly Holm, I would have bet all my AKAThailand.com money on Cris Cyborg. Give Cyborg a hand for this pre-fight ritual. Her coach, Jason Parillo, literally smacked the taste out of her mouth and she barely moved. I take that back; She didn’t even move.

After watching her 25-minute fight against Holly Holm, I think that this slap was the hardest shot she took all weekend. I mean, Parillo really wound up on his delivery for this one. In typical Cyborg fashion, she walked straight through it.

Apparently, this is a traditional thing that she does, so more power to her. I just know that his slap would have knocked most mortal men out cold.

Cyborg is a bad woman.