Daniel Cormier urged his fans to not kick Jon Jones when he’s down

Yesterday, Daniel Cormier took to his Instagram and urged his fans to give Jon Jones a break. Jon Jones’ indiscretions have been well documented by the MMA media and he has suffered the wrath of fans. After his third time being busted for the use of an illegal substance, fans seem to have stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt. However, Daniel Cormier feels that it’s time to move on and people should give Jones some space to sort his life out.

When it comes to being classy, DC sets the bar. MMA truly doesn’t deserve Daniel Cormier.

His plea to MMA fans:

“Life can be such a roller coaster. I think sometimes you have to just take a moment and breathe it in. You never know what’s gonna come your way. You try and handle it the best way you can. One thing that has been amazing is the support from you, the fans. I have never felt so much love. It’s crazy because this all happened when I lost. Guys, now I call upon you to take a breathe, lay off of Jones. Let him and his team figure out what’s going on and what happened. I was down and some may have kicked me, but the majority of you showed compassion and love.

After the fight Jones showed compassion, regardless of what has happened as humans we must show compassion. Jon is not on this ride alone, remember this man has a family. Let’s respect that. You don’t show your support for me by hurting others. Again, I thank you for your unbelievable support and I trust that you guys will come through again.”