Customer satisfaction is paramount at AKA Thailand

At AKA Thailand, we pride ourself on customer satisfaction. There is a method to everything that we do it here, as long as it ends with our guests feeling ecstatic about their AKA Thailand experience.

It’s not just our customer service that makes us a 5-star gym. That is only a part of it. When Mike Swick formulated the idea of AKA Thailand in his head and people told him that he was crazy, he ignored it and pushed forward with his vision. His vision was a supergym that guests could come to and leave feeling like they had been treated like family. The goal is to learn, have fun, and work hard.

Swick makes sure that all of his ducks are in a row and that everyone is on the same page. Trainers, coaches, and staff are all hired based on their knowledge and how personable they are.

AKA Thailand is run like a well-oiled machine where guests can train in an environment suited for everyone. We make sure that the gym is always clean and sanitized, our staff is friendly and accommodating, and our attitude is that our guests are family and treated as such.

You could say that Swick created a nirvana of sorts but with heavy bags.