Dana White jokes about Khabib vs Ferguson; But will this fight actually happen?

Self-isolation keeps continuing and UFC events keep getting cancelled. While people slowly lose their minds sitting at home the jokes are becoming sillier and sillier. People are passing the time however they can, but sitting inside (Some with kids who Tik Tok dance all day) can become maddening. It’s especially gut wrenching when we have no fights to watch and the potential biggest one of all time may be cancelled. Again.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson have been so close to fighting before. This is the fight everyone wants to see because Khabib is undefeated and Ferguson is on a 12-fight win streak. 4 times these two were set to square off and 4 times the fight fell through. It’s literally unprecedented.

The fifth time is scheduled for April 18th but now we all sit here locked down during a worldwide pandemic. The UFC seems hell-bent on putting live events on, despite the government’s request to practice social distancing. Dana is trying to get this fight to come to fruition but there seems to just be so many obstacles in the universe from preventing it from happening.

Dana took to his Instagram and assured us that he will get Ferguson vs Khabib done, even if it means they are card carrying members of the AARP.

For the love of all that is good and holy, let this virus dissipate and let these two warriors step into the cage already.