DC staying true to his word. When he’s done, he is DONE

Daniel Cormier is a smart man. He also wants to stay a smart man. This means, when he chooses to walk away from MMA, he is truly walking away. He insists that he doesn’t want to be one of those guys who is staying around too long, just for the paycheck. DC wants to leave while he’s on top and move on to greener pastures that don’t involve getting punched in the head.

He told TMZ that even if he was offered an absurd amount of money, he still plans to stay retired.

“Any number, when you start talking about millions, is a lot of money. The reality is, I’ve made up my mind and come to peace with it. I truly do believe that what I have in my career outside of fighting is going to allow me opportunities that… I’m going to see numbers that I’ve never really seen in fighting.”

This guy should be everyone’s hero/role model.