Dustin Poirier voices displeasure for UFC’s latest moves

Well, it looks like Dustin Poirier is the latest UFC employee to be disgruntled. He took to Twitter and channeled his inner Khabib/Wallid and said the company is number one bullshit. I guess the Diamond has had enough of being jerked around and isn’t happy with a lot of the moves that the UFC has been making.

There aren’t many UFC fighters that are more of a company man than Dustin Poirier. He literally does whatever the UFC asks of him. The Diamond must be fed up with not being talked about when it comes to the title picture.

For all intents and purposes, Dustin Poirier is the number one contender in the lightweight division. Both he and Tony Ferguson are the most deserving at a crack at the title. So, Poirier let it be known that he is not happy and the UFC needs to step their game up.

Lately, I feel like I say that in every single article I write that pertains to the UFC.