Experience professional Muay Thai at night when training at AKA Thailand

When you are interested in something it’s always fun to experience professionals participating in the same thing. For example, if you love basketball you have to take in an NBA game. If you are out at AKA Thailand for Muay Thai training, going to see professional Muay Thai fights is an absolute must.

Muay Thai is one of Thailand’s oldest traditions so it’s a no brainer that when you are there, you HAVE to see fights. In fact, many fighters who train at AKA Thailand are on these regularly held fight cards at both Patong and Bangla Stadiums.

Even if you have seen fights live before, there is just something about seeing live ones in Thailand that feel a little more special. Being in the motherland and taking in the sights and sounds of Muay Thai is a totally unique experience.

The Patong Boxing Stadium is the busier of the two, hosting Thai Boxing matches every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights.