Frank Shamrock admits he left his mom’s dog tied to the back of a truck

Former UFC champion and UFC Legend, Frank Shamrock, is being investigated for some serious allegations about animal cruelty. Apparently, Mister Shamrock left his mother’s dog at the airport for 5 days tied up in the back of a truck and saw nothing wrong with that.

Well, there is a lot wrong with that because that is animal abuse. Shamrock actually addressed the situation and admitted that he did indeed leave the dog tied up in the back of a truck at the airport. However, it was the right call.

From his Instagram:

“This is #fakenews. @abcnews Edited to create a story. Very sad. Rebecca Lopez you should be ashamed of yourself, I am not being investigated and only took the call to help bring #awareness to #animalcruelty and #elderabuse. Funny how you don’t report the All the facts – just the names that create headlines. #sharelovenothate #checkfacts #speakthetruth”

What Shamrock fails to realize is that what he did was wrong. He seems to think that his actions were humane.