It’s kinda frowned upon, but go plane spotting in Phuket

While it is frowned upon, watching planes land in Phuket is pretty awesome. Although being under the path of a landing plane is illegal, it doesn’t stop people from doing it. In now way are we urging you to do it. However, we are just letting you know that it’s pretty damn cool if you do.

“Plane Spotting in Phuket has become a viral phenomenon the day it became forbidden. The more it’s forbidden, the more people go there, and this once deserted beach had become an Instagram mad playground. And why not? Seeing these enormous flying machines approaching from far and getting closer to you in a roar is jaw-dropping. As they are about to land, they fly so low above the turquoise water; you could almost touch their wheels!

How to get there: most people use their car or bikes to get to Maikhao beach. It seems that some local agencies offer a ride there.

When to go there: Please remember that planes land over the beach only during high season (November to May) when the wind blows east to west! During low season planes will land from the other side, over the main road. And this is just an indication; wind can change according to weather.

Can you go?: Technically, it is not allowed to be under the path of the plane, but no one seems to care.”