Who better to give the AKA Thailand tour than it’s creator, Mike Swick?

Mike Swick had a vision and made it into a reality. AKA Thailand is his brain child and the gym is wildly successful. Guests that are coming out to use the facilities can go to to read about it or right here, you can watch Swick the creator give you the grand tour.

Swick and AKA Thailand sales director, Marc Bogutzki, walk you through all of the amenities and programs that the gym has to offer.

“Looking at the administration area, we see the meat and potatoes of what really makes the gym work. The people who make your stay an easy one at not only the gym, but Phuket in general, are there taking care of everything so you don’t have to. Visa issues, car trouble, law trouble, help with translation… The AKA crew is on top of it!

When checking out the Muay Thai area it is apparent that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Mats and equipment are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. The gym staff want to ensure that each time there is a training session it’s like it was the first one.

The Contender Cafe and basketball court are two places that guests can go to unwind from the rigors of hard combat training. Meal plans are available at the cafe, as well as a huge selection, both Thai and Westernized, of food. The basketball court is a regulation size court and is for guests to enjoy sinking some 3’s before they get back onto the mats.

Lastly, there is the BJJ and MMA area. It is the largest indoor air-conditioned MMA room in Southeast Asia. The mats there have served as the training area for athletes at the highest level. Fighters from all over, from beginners to the top pros, have graced these mats and it remains one of the best parts of AKA Thailand.”