Watch Gokhan Saki’s Fight Night KO again. We knew he’d do damage.

I mean, we knew fans would see some damage being done when Gokhan Saki made his UFC debut. Saki dispatched of his opponent, Henrique da Silva, in the first round by knockout.

There was a reason everyone was so excited to see his UFC debut and, well, you saw why. Saki beat the brakes off of da Silva for the better part of the first round. Once Saki was beginning to tire due to a more than two-year layoff, da Silva saw his opening. He swarmed Saki and landed a few good shots. However, a striker like Saki is never out of a fight, no matter how tired he may be.

He threw a right and then a left hook that flattened da Silva.

Saki took home an extra $50,000 with the bonus he earned in his first MMA win, ever.