5 Green Circles on Trip Advisor Means AKA Thailand is Rated 5 Stars by Guests

If you peruse the website and look up AKA Thailand you will see that we are rated 5-stars by the green circles that are filled in. Guests have spoken and they are extremely pleased with what we have to offer.

Once again, we emphasize customer service here and this includes both training and management. Our goal is to have people feel like family and judging by the reviews, we are doing our job.

Check them out!

“I have no words to tell you how much I am grateful for all you did. I went to AKA Thailand and had very very good Muay Thai and MMA training. It’s an amazing spot, very clean, and you can have good food there. When I came back home, I slipped on the floor and injured my knee badly and Jason and Marc from AKA helped me like we were friends since years.
They brought me food and water, organized all my move, got me out from the hospital and they were taking care of me. They even paid a part of my medical treatment because I was waiting for my money! I mean, what kind of people you met 5 minutes before can do that much for a person they barely know? Especially since the damage didn’t happen in the gym and could’ve just told me, “Well, this isn’t our problem”.

AKA team, the best person on earth, and really I mean it. I love you guys. Thank you, thank you, so much for what you did. Sure I’m coming back as soon as possible. Love u guys.”


-Hey everyone!
“My name is Anastasia and I really want to say out loud THE GREAT BIG THANK YOU to AKA Thailand. I just feel that I have to share how happy I am with as many people as possible! I had 12 hours flight back home to think about everything that happened with me past month therefore, all the words below are from my heart and soul ❤️!
I have been in AKA Thailand for 1 month and had a “Travel Package” that includes everything that you would ever need for your perfect sport vocations (accommodation, transfer, trainings, motorbike and AKA goods)! I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made!

It’s a top-quality facility with good equipment and classes for all levels: From beginners who just want to get fit and experience true Muay Thai, to pro fighters. The location is just perfect, it seems like you are in the jungle (so much green, trees, NOT on the road), but it is also very very clean there despite the fact that there are so many trainings from early morning to late evening! The layout is perfect – cafe, gym, reception, parking, bathrooms and etc …Also, AKA Thailand has an amazing cafe that serves fresh, healthy and very tasty food at a reasonable cost! You can find all the traditional Thai dishes there as well as Europe’s.
There are so many things that I want to tell and say thank you!

I want to say thanks to Mike Swick who built and organized the perfect gym in the perfect location with the best team! I can’t say enough good things about what you put together and the people you put together! I know I am one of so many whose life has been changed and impacted as a result of training at AKA Thailand! Thank you for a great opportunity to practice with the best! I have never thought that I can attend one class with UFC champs and other pro fighters!!!

I want to say thanks to Director of Customer Service – Marc (Bogutzki), he is a great person who is always ready to help you, answer all your questions, show you the facility. He runs AKA Thailand excellently and the office staff is also very helpful, nice and professional. They all made me feel right at home!

I was practicing Muay Thai and I am so happy with your training! Your Muay Thai program is encouraging and I didn’t really think I would enjoy it as much as I did. ALL COACHES are amazing and highly skilled and VERY VERY experienced (Kru Bird, Kru Beng, Kru Wut, Kru Pet, Kru Chai, Kru Speed, Kru Park, Kru Son, Kru Bas, Kru Dit, Kru Oop) !!! They put so much effort into their students and are incredibly passionate about Muay Thai. They want to get you better and better after every practice and inspire you to achieve your absolute best!! They follow your successes and are happy to get to know you as a person and become your friend! Every coach is different but very well knowledgeable and it’s always fun to work with any of them! Most of my Personal Trainings I had with Kru Pet and he is the best one! He improved my skills and put me on the completely next level. He taught me not only techniques and skills but the philosophy, understanding … he pushed me to keep fighting, keep stronger every practice!

The Airdyne classes were so exhausting, but I am very thankful to Dillon how he pushed us every day! He is a great motivator, awesome coach ( and of course fighter) and outstanding person! I am truly inspired to stay active and improve myself and these words “halfway! 10 seconds! Back on the bikes” will stay in my head forever! The first time in my life I tried the MMA class and thanks to Dillon and Jay I really enjoyed it! It was a new great experience for me! And their professionalism helped me to understand the all-new techniques that I have never tried before!

Training at AKA Thailand has been an excellent experience! I feel better, stronger, happier and more fit than ever before! Working out at AKA Thailand has really changed my life! It has not only given me more confidence but also gives me some stress-release and some “me” time in the midst of my crazy schedule, moreover I have a sense of accomplishment and inner peace!! I improved so much in Muay Thai than ever before! I am amazed every day that one’s change could have such a huge impact!! I would not work out with other gyms! I met so many great people from all over the world who became a real family for me! You united people from all other parts of the world with one passion !!!!

I am incredibly happy and pleased with my AKA experience. And I highly recommend AKA Thailand to everyone who likes sport, fitness, Muay Thai, MMA, and BJJ. I am very amazed at the results – after 1 month! I look forward to coming to train at AKA Thailand again and I really want to try and participate in a Muay Thai fight! It will be another opportunity to challenge myself and achieve new goals! There are no limits!! So, I don’t say Goodbye, I say SEE YOU SOON my best place on the planet!!

To those who thinking between AKA and Tiger …. the answer is AKA, 100%. There is no place to get the best trainings, atmosphere, and experience than AKA! It is the greatest vacation/training camp ever !!

It’s a great brand that grows very very fast and they deserve to be the best!
AKA Thailand and the team I wish you all the best! It not only takes brains and experience but courage and strength and YOU definitely have all those traits and more to succeed!
Keep on going ✊!”