Guests take to to share their 5-star reviews of AKA Thailand

When guests of AKA Thailand go on and share their reviews of AKA Thailand, we love seeing how they were positively affected by their time here. Usually we like to tell potential guests about our facilities and how wonderful they are, but we don’t mind sometimes letting our reviewers do the talking.

Amazing experience!

“I trained at AKA Thailand for a month and it was absolutely amazing. It’s a really clean place with a lot to offer… Food is delicious, there is so much on their menù that everybody can find something for themselves. All of the personnel are very friendly.
They are a really good team, if you are looking for a professional preparation or just recreation. I enjoyed every training I had, from Muay Thai to BJJ, MMA… Everything. People who come there are also very friendly, easy to talk to and if you come alone or in group you will always find a new friend with who you can hang out and train with. For me, it was life changing… I left with a lot of knowledge and a lot of new friends. Can’t wait to go back!”
-Domen Pavletic

Perfect combination of a resort and a martial arts gym.

“Great location, helpful staff, awesome food (every meal is like a little celebration, especially after a good workout) and, most importantly, the right training culture (safe and friendly).

Morning amateur training with coach Dillon (Croushorn) is spot on, getting a lot of work on technique and conditioning done in just an hour.

Evening BJJ with coach Marcio (Cesar Gracinha) is great as well, with many people to practice with from all over the world.”
-Maxim Salmin

AKA Thailand: Awesome All Around

“AKA Thailand is such a welcoming place. Professionals, amateurs and newbies (aka me) are all able to commingle. There is no air of arrogance, everyone is here to learn and get better. I think it’s because there is a common goal, which is to be a better version of yourself, whether you’re an athlete, fighter, or just someone trying something new. AKA Thailand treats you like family.

The facility isn’t overwhelming and it’s super clean! There’s an awesome indoor BJJ/MMA room, outdoor Muay Thai facility, a basketball court, change rooms and the restaurant. The Contender Café has got you covered; it’s got a menu that will satisfy any palette. It’s also an awesome place to chill pre or post practice. Play a bit of pool, watch a fight with friends, or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something active to do in Phuket, I encourage you to come to AKA Thailand. Try it out for yourself, trust me you won’t be disappointed.”