It’s a Hawaiian Christmas miracle. Yancy Medeiros gets stolen SUV back

Yancy Medeiros had a Christmas mess turn into a Christmas miracle. On Christmas Eve, Medeiros’ suv was stolen and that made him a sad Yancy. So, sad Yancy went on his Facebook and rallied the troops. He asked friends and fans to help him find the Grinch who stole his car.

It took less than 5 hours… but the online detectives and police department were able to locate the stolen vehicle. Happy Yancy Medeiros then left another message to his fans.

“I followed them down Farrington Highway across Longs. I make these kids pull over, pretty much run them off the road and made them get out of the car. Made the authorities get it. Got my car, so thank you, Hawaii! Merry Christmas!”

Can you imagine the kids who stole the car? Out of all the people’s cars you had to steal… A UFC fighter’s car?!?