Hell hath no fury like Uncle Creepy’s girlfriend scorned

By now, most of us have seen the unfortunate events surrounding Ian McCall’s fight in RIZIN. His girlfriend, Alicia Webb, was none too happy about everything that went down in Japan and boy did she let the world know about it today. Ian sliced his head open on the ropes and his fight was over, seconds into the first round.

Alicia had a lot to say about the ropes that are being used at RIZIN. Before you say she doesn’t know anything about ring ropes; Yes, she does.

Before she was ‘Auntie Creepy’, Alicia was ‘Ryan Shamrock’ in the WWE during the late 90’s. Getting dropped on her neck and whiplash from the ring ropes prompted her to get recent neck surgery. She is also unable to drive a car now, due to epilepsy triggered by the many concussions she sustained.

Again, I think she knows a thing or two about ring ropes.

Alicia has a legitimate gripe about the way things were handled in Japan and there is no way Manel Kape should walk away with a ‘Win’ on his record because of this.

So this is what RIZIN is calling “ropes” these days!! There are lights inside of these things!!! Such crap! Adding insult to injury.. #rizin doesn’t allow fighters to use Vaseline to protect their faces! I noticed every time someone touched these so called ropes, there were people on the floor moving the fighters off of them. Well, all except for Ian. Everyone is still shaking their heads over this. Ian is fine, but this situation is not. Then to watch that idiot run around the ring like he had anything to do with it was disgusting. Especially after the crap he pulled at the weigh ins the day before. I can’t believe #rizinff would even allow such a disrespectful person to fight in their company. To give him the win is appalling. He didn’t win anything. It should have been a No Contest and they both should have been removed from the tournament and replaced with alternates or something. And RIZIN should know better than to use running LED lights for ropes!!! @unclecreepymma got screwed and I’m not ok with that. Not ok at all. They owe him something. And I think it should be taking the win away from Manel Kape as soon as he loses the next round. #rizin2017 #rizingrandprix #grandprix #ianmccall #unclecreepy #mma #bs #nocontest #nocontestmma

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