Hick Diaz, Jason Knight, announces that he’s been released by the UFC

It looks like one of the more exciting featherweights has been released from the UFC. You can call him ‘The Kid, as that is the nickname he uses on his Twitter. However, I prefer to address Jason Knight as ‘Hick Diaz’. This is due to his always attacking fight style and the fact that he’s from Mississippi.

Knight revealed via Twitter that he was let go by the UFC and at the same time, threw his name in the hat for any organizations that may want to pick him up.

He began his UFC career with a 4-1 record. After that, Knight went on a 4-fight losing skid. Everyone in the UFC is expendable and if you aren’t winning, you’re out. Being that Knight is one of the more exciting fighters on the roster, a couple of impressive wins outside of the promotion and he’ll be invited right back.