You know him from TUF 1, but Mike Swick is the AKA Thailand founder

Mike Swick had a gameplan that he came up with for his post UFC career. It was making the most guest-friendly gym in Thailand with all of the bells and whistles. After he starred in TUF 1 and made a career in the UFC, Swick followed his passion and created AKA Thailand.

He followed what he had conceptualized to the letter and then some. Being on a reality show and fighting in the UFC was a way for Swick to follow his passion of fighting. However, while pursuing his fight career those two things served as a platform for Swick to grow his brand. His popularity rose and he was able to parlay his fanbase and social media presence to spread the word about the super-gym that was being built in Thailand.

Fast forward to present day and AKA Thailand is thriving! Guests come in droves because of what Swick has created; A clean environment to train in with some of the best fighters and trainers in the world. Guests have included Chuck Liddell, Dana White, Luke Rockhold, and many others. Most recently, Tyron Woodley has stated that he will be doing all of his pre-camp fight training at AKA Thailand.

The gym is so unique and dare we say that it has exceeded the expectations of Mike Swick!