Damn! Holly, don’t hurt em! Holm responds to Cyborg RE: Testing

Holly Holm put out a video on her Instagram, responding to Cris Cyborg’s USADA testing request. In the video, she managed to make Cyborg look pretty foolish. Then again, Cris’ Twitter account is run by a few different people and she posts the least. That’s the problem with being verified on Twitter though. If it comes from your account, YOU SAID IT.

Yesterday, Cyborg tweeted out that USADA visited her again. Seemingly annoyed by it, Cyborg posted that Holm better be getting the same treatment as her. She made her case based on Jackson’s MMA having a ‘history’. However, Cyborg is the only one in this tale to get suspended for using an illegal substance.

Cris tweeted out:

Holm’s response:

I’ve actually just wasted a minute of my life on this video.

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The results are in and Holm wins the first battle. She even posted a screengrab from USADA.org‘s public records for athletes tested and Holm has been tested nine times, to Cyborg’s eight.