The Inner Tube Clinching Exercise, as demonstrated by our own, Kru Bird

You may ask yourself, “Inner Tube Clinching Exercise?!” Yep, that is exactly right. AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, simulates what it is like to deal with an opponent’s clinch when you have no training partner. All you need is a heavy bag and a deflated inner tube.

Bird helps us understand exactly what to do when stuck in an opponent’s clinch. He shows how to attack by generating space and using his weapons to strike. The tube acts similarly to an opponent’s grip and Bird demonstrates how to work for the advantage.

Again, this exercise is advantageous for people with no training partner and only have a heavy bag. The tight elasticity of the tube really helps simulate being stuck in the Thai clinch or plum. Bird demonstrates all of the ways to get out and be offensive instead.