The Italian Dream, Marvin Vettori, has arrived at AKA Thailand

The Italian Dream, Marvin Vettori, arrived at AKA Thailand on Friday and he’s already putting in some savage work on our mats! Vettori and AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, had discussed Marvin coming out here many times on ‘The Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast’ over the years. Finally, the invite was accepted and the visit has come to fruition!

Currently the number three ranked middleweight in the world, Vettori is a perennial title contender in the UFC. Marvin was a regular guest on ‘The Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast‘ and Swick had repeatedly told him that he HAD to come see what all of the AKA Thailand fuss was about. When Marvin arrived here, he jumped right in to his training and saw first hand what everyone was talking about. He found incredible training amongst the beauty of Phuket!

Marvin got a first look at our world-class facility and all of our amenities during a guided tour from Mike Swick. He was able to check out The Contender Cafe, our training, the ice bath, and so much more. Decked out from head to toe in AKA Thailand swag, Vettori fit in nicely and immediately! Check out our most recent Instagram post to see him enjoy all that we have to offer!

It’s always a pleasure having the world’s best fighters show up to get their workouts in. When the Italian Dream rolls up, we make sure to roll out the red carpet for him. However, we make sure that guests and/or beginners are also treated the exact same way!