Jeremy Stephens has a message to other fighters. “Just shut up and fight”

The message seems clear enough. “Just shut up and fight”. It’s a simple concept, really. Jeremy Stephens seems to be put off by all of the bitching and complaining from other fighters about ‘money fights’. Instead of standing on the sidelines and complaining about what you are NOT getting, shut up and go get it.

One month ago, today, Stephens beat Doo Ho Choi in a UFC main event and next week he’ll fight Josh Emmett in another main event. Stephens is being proactive by getting right back into the cage and doing what he does best; Putting on a show. Do that and the money will roll in. He doesn’t seem thrilled with the complacency of fighters who just wait it out for that one huge payday that may or may not come.

Get in the Octagon and put on a show. Then, the money will come.

He isn’t wrong in the fact that everyone is sick of guys holding out for more money. Fans just want to see good fights, not BS politics.